In my time in uni and the years I’ve been working 9–5 jobs, I’ve learned that no matter how good you are, you can always do better ( WOW 🤦‍♂ right?). Most of the time this “better” thing comes from your hard work, continuous learning etc. but there are moments…

Git Branches represented as a Tree
Photo by Mila Tovar on Unsplash

PRs? MRs? What?

For those of you who are new to software development, Pull Requests (PRs) or Merge Requests (MRs) are…well requests that you make in order to get your newly added/modified code into a parent branch. If you’re at the beginning you might not have done this if you worked alone on…

In your typical microservice architecture the main access point (and desirably the only one) to the inside of it should be the apigateway. So its job is to route the requests, as the first line of interaction between outside world and the inside, to the appropriate microservice based on different…

ALex Antonica

Software engineer in my 5th year now, passionate and curious about new technologies, practices and ways of thinking. Never stop growing.

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